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Mens Battery Heated Leather Work Gloves, Size Large

Mens Battery Heated Leather Work Gloves, Size Large

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These Volt WORK leatherHeated Gloves will provide hours of safe and protective, soothing heat. The heated gloves will not only provide warmth throughout theentire length of each finger but also heats the back and palm sides of the glove surrounding yourhand with warmth. They also include a breathable waterproof membrane and a soft tricot lining. The undersideof the heated glove includes extra leather palm protection to help with longevity in common wearingspots. The rechargeable battery pocket is located in the middle of the glove for easy accessibility. Therechargeable battery pocket opens and closes with a strong waterproof zipper and has a display window so you cansee the power level setting while wearing the heated glove. This window will allow the user to easily adjust the temperature toone of four power level settings without taking the rechargeable battery out of the pocket. A strong elastic cinch cord at the cuff helps to seal out any unwanted cold airor moisture.The Volt WORK leatherHeated Gloves will come complete with two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and a dual charger. The dual charger will allow for the user to charge both batteries at the same time. The charger is compatible with 110V or 220V outlets and has a standard U.S. plug. For 220V compatibility you will need the proper adapter.

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