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Bargain Avenue Missy

Men's Boulder Boot

Men's Boulder Boot

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Minimalist, lightweight boot for hiking, casual wear, or travelThis natural foot-shaped boot has become the go-to for travelers looking to save space & weight while on the go. Comprised of 1200-denier nylon, leather trim, and IBR outsole, this boot grants flexibility so they can pack down to the size of your favorite puffy jacket. The crew at Shoes believes that you don t need to be an environmentalist who survives on organic granola and berries to know that going natural can have its benefits, which is why they bring you the Boulder Boot - a barefoot boot that has all of the natural features youve been searching for all while promoting healthy foot development, better balance, increased mobility in the feet, legs, and back AND helps to alleviate certain foot ailments such as bunions and hammer toes. If you re ready for a 9.9 oz boot that can pack down into the smallest of daypacks or carry you on the farthest of Sasquatch searches, then its time you rock the Boulder.

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